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The PHITODERM MAGIC 70 COSMETIC S.r.l. is a company wich has been working in the field of cosmetic research for over 30 years. Our technologically advanced equipment and raw materials of high purity allows us to ensure high product quality and, at the same time, relatively low prices. As a result, our company has achieved a significant position in the domestic market and international market, using a dense network of dealers who operate throughout the territory.

As our claim states: "We produce beauty – we export made in Italy cosmetics to the world", that is why we are worldwide known as an ever-growing and solid company, who lives up to the italian entrepreneurship.

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Our business programs provide: Technical-professional refresher courses, with a highly skilled staff, for beauticians and make-up artists. Our market surveys correctly identify new needs and very often solve those ever- changing problems pertaining the fields of cosmetics and aesthetics. Therefore, we are able to provide the right products at the right time. Our great expertise and seriousness of trade are the characteristics that make the PHITODERM MAGIC COSMETIC 70 a winner!. Laboratory Production PHITODERM MAGIC 70.




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